Today’s household problems in Bali are increasingly complex. The author, who is a divorce lawyer in Bali, often encounters unusual divorce cases, where one party wants the divorce process to run quickly, because his new partner is pressing for marriage, for one reason or another.

While the client is still bound by marriage, of course this is not allowed to knit another marriage as long as it has not received the approval of the partner to practice polygamy or the marriage is broken due to divorce.

Facing such client problems, the first step taken by a divorce lawyer is to find the best solution, namely to establish communication with the client’s legal husband/wife, to ask for approval that the person concerned is willing to not attend the trial in order to speed up the divorce process (if the person concerned agrees). to separate). To establish good communication it takes a skill to become the Best Divorce Lawyer in Bali.

The Best Divorce Lawyers in Bali are required to have good negotiating skills so as to help create agreements between husband and wife so that the Court’s Decision can satisfy all parties, both husband and wife, especially regarding child custody, where the knowledge and wisdom of the Best Divorce Lawyer in Bali It is very necessary to provide awareness that children have the right to receive equal love from their biological father and mother and children have the right to the best place for their child’s growth and development and their future, whether custody is in the care of their mother or under the care of their father.

In dealing with the client’s divorce problem, the Best Divorce Lawyers in Bali must overcome the stress that befalls, while still being able to provide service with a smile that will spread a positive aura in order to get a positive end result.

The success of handling divorce cases is the patience of the Best Divorce Lawyer in Bali, to know well the character of the Client and his partner, so that he can also become a mediator, in addition to his main job to defend/represent the interests of his own clients.

Another divorce case in Bali that often happens is that one party keeps the Marriage Certificate from his partner, with the intention that his partner cannot file a divorce suit or hinder the divorce process.

For this reason, it takes the expertise and patience of a Best Divorce Lawyer in Bali, to communicate well with the husband/wife who keeps the Marriage Certificate earlier.

If he insists on not giving it, then with the experience of the Best Divorce Lawyers in Bali, it makes no less sense to immediately arrange for a copy of the Marriage Certificate at the local Population and Civil Registration Office.

Of course, by submitting an application for the issuance of a copy of the marriage certificate by completing a statement that the original marriage certificate is on the other side.