Our work team (CV. PANCA RESTU) has experience in contracting in all areas in Bali. Our office is based on Jalan Kresna, Semarapura Kangin, Klungkung-Bali which provides 24-hour consulting services for FREE.

The service office in Denpasar is located at Jalan Padang Kartika Gang Maruti No. 18 A Denpasar. This is to facilitate consultation for consumers/buyers/investors who will set up building units in Denpasar, Badung (Canggu, Seminyak, and surrounding areas), and Ubud-Bali.

CV. PANCA RESTU in collaboration with I Putu Agus Putra Sumardana & Partner’s Law Office offers Contractor Services, legal services & consulting, as well as the best Developer in Bali.

CV. PANCA RESTU offers affordable and negotiable prices, supported by the best services, and is equipped with our experienced civil and architect team. Our advantages CV. PANCA RESTU is strongly supported by the Legal Team (I Putu Agus Putra Sumardana & Partner’s) to be able to oversee your building project so that it is legally safe.

Our work team CV. PANCA RESTU will ensure that your building construction has high security which will be supported by the best quality materials in Bali. Our work team CV. PANCA RESTU has more than 30 years of building with a good track record, integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction in the construction industry in Bali.

The scope of work we offer are:
1. Architect Design, Materials & Structural Calculations.
Namely: 2D Floor Plan Design and 3D View according to the decision of the Building Owner.

2.Structural Work to Finishing.
Namely: Foundation Work, Walls, Window Doors, to Roofs, Painting.

3.Iron Work, Welding and more
Namely: Work on Stair Railing, Canopy, Trellis, Gate, Fence and others.

4.Room Partition.
Room partition aims to divide the room into several different parts. Each room will have a variety of functions to perform many activities. In essence, we exist to maximize the spacious room. Usually partitions are made in office spaces, homes, cafes, restaurants, and others. Where Materials will adjust to the wishes and needs of the Building Owner.

5.Mechanical & Electrical – Pipe
Namely: The work is carried out with the best quality materials and tools, so that the owner / building owner is satisfied in terms of safety and a longer life time, with proper planning.

6.Light Steel Roof Work
Namely, Light Steel Roof Work according to SNI safety standards, which prioritizes high quality

7.Paint Job
Namely new painting or renovation works. For wall paint work, frame paint, fences and more

8.Ceiling Work
Namely: Work for ceiling installation with various agreed materials.

9.Internet Network Work, CCTV, PABX and others